About Us

Working since 2012 to fulfil your Recruitment and Employment needs.

About the ADS ICT

Created by a group of professionals with several years of experience and expertise, ADS ICT BV believes in providing solutions which are just the right mixture of industry knowledge and fresh ideas. We offer a comprehensive array of IT Consulting & Recruitment solutions for companies of all scales and ones which are new-age and dynamic.

When it comes to consulting & recruitment , we have global footprints across all industries.

Experience and Expertise:

ADS ICT BV is the brainchild of many passionate professionals who have come together to bridge the gap between extensive experience and exceptional skill. All our experts are hand-picked to have top-notch competence, project management and time management skills so that they can deliver high-quality services.

Customer Oriented:

We understand that for every business, the client is the most important asset and focus. With committed excellence, our services will symbolize your company’s mission. As your business grows, there will arise a need for additional support and an expert’s assistance we are aiming to offer this support to each of our customers with consistency.

Employment Support:

ADS ICT BV ensures craft opportunities for every business by delivering flexible employment support. Apart from structured consultancy packages, we also handle business support functions and ad-hoc services. Advanced technology can be part of your everyday business with the help of ADS ICT BV services.

Talent Supply Chain Network:

Employment opportunities are managed for a million workers across the globe with our talent supply chain network. Though there are faster technologies which help in connecting everyone digitally, there is a paradoxical gap in bringing together excellence and support- ADS ICT BV is here to bridge this difference with a spirit of trust.

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